Jenny Satori

Jenny Satori

Energy Healer, Intuitive

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Jenny has been doing readings and healing for over 15 years (actually more like 25 years, but who’s counting!). She has studied Shamanism, Qigong, and Reiki. She has combined all her experiences and natural abilities...
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Download my FREE MP3’s encoded with energy medicine that you can take with you anywhere! Just click the “purchase” button. You will then be given a link to download your MP3 of choice or get...
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Have a question about my work? Please drop me a line here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. (To book an appointment, please DO NOT use this form. Instead, click...
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It has come to my heart that not everyone can afford healing services. And with the spread of ineffective healers sprouting up and taking advantage...

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Have you ever wanted to experience a one-on-one session with Jenny? Well now you can and it's FREE!   I have recently started a new...
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News and writings that Jenny has shared...


satoriMy name is Jenny, however, my spiritual name is Satori.

I’ve combined both names, but you can call me by either one.

I’ve created this site because I have a deep passion for helping individuals with life choices and intricate situations.  I don’t believe in labels but if I had to, I’d consider myself an intuitive.

I combine my natural psychic abilities with life lessons, intuition and energy peering techniques; such as voice vibration and aura perception.

I’ve done a plethora of “readings” and “healings” both in public and non-public settings and have been using my abilities for over 15 years. While facing life issues is not always easy, it is certainly a great way to set the stage for spiritual growth and awareness.

I believe that peace of mind is something that every human being deserves.

I also believe that when we help just one person, we actually make a deposit into something much larger than ourselves, whereas, helping one helps all of us; creating a space for kindness and acceptance and allowing our souls to unite, grow and love.

Thank you for visiting, may you be Blessed, everyday.