To Agree or Not To Agree, That Is The Question?

To Agree or Not To Agree, That Is The Question?

Those of us who get “readings” from others are sometimes put on the spot when asked if something resonates. Should we politely say thank you, or should we correct the reader?

In my opinion, you should always be polite, but DO correct them. If a reader is shoving garbage down your proverbial disposal, say so! I think that often we are too quick to say “yes,” when what we are really thinking is, “Where the heck are they getting this from?”

Here are some examples of a bad reading:

Your friend says let me “read” you. You agree. The reading begins and they start using what they know about you from conversations. They even inject personal feelings on what you did or didn’t do in terms of their friendship, stating it’s from Spirit, the cards, the Angels, etc.

* STOP! This is not a reading, this is someone who is not dealing from a psychic place, but rather, a perception they have acquired from being around you. Sometimes a person isn’t aware they are doing this, so it is wise to let them know how you feel about it. On the other hand, there are those who do this on a regular basis. The reasons can be anything from wanting to win in perhaps a particular area of your friendship where you disagreed, or, they are trying to convince you of something. If someone uses “Spirit” as a way to lash out at you, or manipulate you, steer clear of them – especially if they keep at it.

if you cant dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshitYou call into a radio show and ask for a reading. The reader starts telling you, you are going through a rough patch, and that you should do this or that to alleviate it. You, on the other hand, are happy, however, the reader keeps insisting you aren’t… You politely say, “I don’t think this is for me.” And the reader argues with you.

* RED FLAG! If you are genuinely honest and you disagree with a reader and they start to argue with you, they are coming from ego. Now, like I’ve said before, we all have ego and ego is necessary in many situations, in my opinion, it doesn’t belong in a reading. There are some readers who think they are right all of the time, they may even boast about the “fact.” But the truth is, no one is 100% correct in any matter. Tell them thank you for their time and hang up!

You schedule an appointment to get a psychic or mediumship reading. The psychic starts describing a person and you are not getting a clear picture of who they are. You tell them, “no.” And they start running through the alphabet, i.e. “I’m getting someone whose name starts with the letter A…the letter B,” etc. You still say no and they start telling you that you are not open enough for a reading and that due to your skepticism, they cannot connect.

* HECK NO! This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. They blame you for their inability to connect to you. They might even suggest you need meditation and Chakra balancing… Um, no. It’s one thing for a reader to say they are just not connecting with you, but it’s quite another to suggest it’s your fault. A psychic who is good at what they do doesn’t need your belief to do their job. Ask for a refund.

In summary, it is really important to speak your mind when getting a reading. Don’t just say yes in order to be nice. I believe it’s much nicer to be honest about it. There may be some readers who will become argumentative if/when you disagree. In this case you really should find another reader. I have seen people berate or belittle someone, JUST BECAUSE THEY DISAGREED with them. Guess what? That is their issue and not yours. Let them say, post or whine all they want. It’s not a reflection of you, it’s a projection from them.

Yes, there are some readers who actually do project their lives and feelings onto seekers. You might recognize this if every reading they give is negative or woeful. It could be that that is their own psyche coming out to play. It also could even be (once again), their convoluted perception of the world. For example: Everyone is a thief, Everyone is a liar.

Do your research, listen to their readings (if you can), and above all, agree when appropriate but disagree when something’s not right. You will be happier for it.