About Jenny Satori Davis

Jenny is an empathetic, undogmatic Energy Healer, Shaman and Intuitive who invokes a synergy often required to create meaningful change. Her clients are often at a crossroad in their lives (and/or in spiritual or health crises).

Naturally gifted, she has been doing readings and healing for over 15 years (actually more like 25 years, but who’s counting!). And has studied Shamanism, Qigong, and Reiki, to name a few. She has combined all her experiences and studies (taking what resonates with her and forgoing the rest,) to apply and improve her own way of healing and intuitive work. As a young child, she saw and felt things that were not of this plane, and always embraced them. Her connection to nature was always there, as was her love and compassion for all living things. As a young girl, she healed animals and talked to the dead. It wasn’t till many years later that she found out that this was unique- in that not everyone saw Spirit and worked with Energy. What she found was that many things she learned in her studies were things she already knew.

Jenny is also the founder and owner of IntuiTalks.com, a spiritual network for light-workers. She first started her network in realization that many talented spiritualists, did not have their own website or place to share their abilities.

After many years of working behind the scenes, (at IntuiTalks.com), she decided to bring back her services. She saw a great need and found that she worked best when helping people on a deeper level. She has done many radio shows and now also has a Youtube Channel.

Jenny’s work is heart-centered and is based on the Shamanic principles of working with the Elements, in addition to her own beliefs and style. During a healing, you will be asked about your condition, as she does NOT label herself a medical intuitive.

Spirits on the other side approach her but only when they are in need of getting an important message across. Her philosophy on the subject is that: “Her abilities come when they are required.” This is part of why she doesn’t take many labels when asked what she does.

RunesAt the age of 7, she found a bag of Runes which are very near and dear to her heart. While some claim divination tools can act as a crutch, her Truth is that each type carries different energies, and they can put through an objective, loving point of view that may be otherwise hidden. To read more about the Runes and how she works with them, see this page.


In 2006, Jenny became very ill with an unknown condition which later turned out to be Celiac Disease. In her quest to find health again, – and to further help her clients, she embarked on an education on a variety of modalities. She now applies all of her gathered wisdom towards helping others. The following are some of the certifications and/or experiences she has acquired throughout her journey.


-Prayer-Based Reiki Master and Practitioner certified by:
Divine Intervention Ministries/Halos711

-Shamanic Practitioner
(studying many types of Shamanism, including studying with Shamans like:)
Sandra Ingerman

The Practical Shaman

Alberto Villoldo

In addition to non-formal teachings from 2 other amazing Shamans

-Law of Attraction Practitioner/Coach certified by:
The Global Sciences Foundation

-Certified Life Coach certified by:
American University of NLP


“Really, all the training and studies in the world are no match for life experience.”
-Jenny “Satori” Davis