Developing Your Abilities

Developing Your Abilities

Originally authored: Oct 25, 2011

So often people come to me asking about how they can find and/or better their intuitive abilities. First and foremost, there is no right or wrong way to tune into Spirit! It is, as always, up to each individual to seek their true selves; working with the gifts given to them.

I think the most important tip I can suggest, is that you learn a bit about psychometry. Although, as given, Wikipedia describes this as sort of a psychological study and extrasensory exercise, it is, in my opinion, much more than that. It is an extension of our perception of energy! I think we have all seen little “waves” floating in the air when the sun is bright on a hot day. Well, this is us seeing energy. As there are often gases that can be seen, mainly due to heat and light. Point is, we can see energy…so would it be a stretch to feel it as well? Of course not.

candleI believe that most of us can see, feel, hear or even perhaps smell others’ energy. However, I think a great deal of us either: do not choose to or: don’t know how to. There is also another category which I call the “I-know-something-but-I’m-not-sure-what” people. Generally these folks have just not practiced nor decided to look into intuition further. Which one, if any, are you?

Getting back to psychometry…
Practice! The best way to do this is to start with holding an item in your hand; try to connect with the energy the object is holding. Do you feel sad, happy, indifferent? Could be a clue to who owns this item…is it you even? Yes, we can read ourselves and find some things out about ourselves simply based on this! Did something happen to you that caused this emotion (and cluster of energy) that you’ve hidden from your conscious mind? This is actually a neat way to uncover an issue. But first, ask yourself if that emotion, coming from that energy, from that object, is yours. If you are convinced that it isn’t, you are reading someone else’s energy, cool huh? That’s really all there is to it. You can delve deeper into this and ask Spirit (or your Higher self, etc.) to assist you. Ask specific questions such as, “What kind of person owns this object? “What do they like?” You can absolutely do this. Like all things, we get what we put into it.

Another suggestion I can offer is to write down your dreams. Often people have what is called precognitive dreams.dreams These are dreams that foresee or show the future in some capacity. Generally, these dreams are more vivid and you remember them easier than you would a “normal” dream. They can be about yourself, your loves ones or- they can even be about natural and man-made disasters.

When you have this type of dream, be sure to note it so you can refer to it later. In my opinion, it isn’t always necessary to start alerting people just because you had a dream that seems to predict something. Quietly log them for yourself (at least at first,) and watch the news, etc., see if any of it correlates with what you’ve dreamt. This is a great way to validate yourself. After all, without validation, there really is no way to prove “psychic abilities” as of yet.

One other tool to help your psychic development is… crystals! Oh, the lovely colors and energies of stones. There are a great deal of crystals that can enhance your gifts as well as ground you. What is grounding, you ask? Well, we will leave that for a completely different topic. However, it is something we absolutely, positively need to do when we are working with Spirit. Until I write out yet another article, here’s a little bit of info on: grounding
(*Please note I do not know the owner of that site but found her explanation satisfactory.)

crystalsOkay, okay, back to the crystals…Yes, they hold an enormous amount of energy and can offer you not only healing benefits, but intuitive benefits. I am not an expert on stones, but I do have some of my own in which I use often. They offer me peace and help me to reach the clarity I need in order to “read” people. It is said that Amethyst is one of the best crystals to use when developing our abilities and I tend to agree with that. I also think that it encourages us as readers to have the wherewithal to convey the “tough stuff” that is usually very hard to say to a client or friend.

It is recommended that when you get yourself a new crystal to work with, you should first clear it of other energies. Most people use water or put it out into the sunlight and/or moonlight. Once this is done you will simply need to dedicate or “program” the stone to do what you’d like it to do and also meld its energy with yours. What this means to me is, just feel it, honor it and thank it. This alone may surprise you!

Happy Developing!
-Jenny Satori