Request a Healing

You can email Jenny to request to receive an energy healing. To do this, please be as descriptive as possible with your pain/illness etc. You are welcome to send a donation for the healing but it does not guarantee she will choose your case or “heal you.” If you can afford a donation, this helps Jenny receive a balanced energy exchange in that those who cannot afford to donate can also be helped.


To donate, please click the button below:

Donate for Healing


To ask for a healing, please email directly to:

If you are chosen for a healing, Jenny will reply back.

Please note that just because your email has not been answered, it doesn’t mean you won’t be chosen. Jenny takes time weekly to go through her list of requests, this list is long. You are welcome to send additional emails (but please try not to send too many) in order to make sure she sees your request. Sometimes, the timing is not right the first time you write her and it will be the next. Also, technical issues can be the culprit- but of course, that is no coincidence to her, either.



Q: Do I need to do anything before, during or after the healing?

A: No, you do not have to do anything. In fact, your belief in energy work is not even required. You should just try and relax.


Q: Can Jenny heal any ailment?

A: No. There are situations where she just can’t help you. If you do not have a good result during your first session, a second session is not recommended. Jenny feels strongly that if she doesn’t make a difference in a short amount of time, she will not continue trying, nor will she take money for sessions – no matter how much a person wants another session. She adheres to a (self-imposed), very strict code of ethics.


Q: Will Jenny respond to and/or honor every healing request? And if I donate am I guaranteed a healing?

A: No, Jenny will select those who Spirit leads her to help. You are welcome to email her multiple times as the list will get long. Although Jenny wants to help everyone, your donation is a gesture of appreciation and will not guarantee a healing or a response.


Q: What happens if I’m selected for a healing?

A: Jenny will reply to your email and give you details about how she will proceed. She may ask additional questions, as well as request a full body photo and a picture of the affected area. Please have that ready. She may also schedule a private Zoom meeting if she feels it’s necessary. Please also have a Zoom account and its app/software ready.