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Each session is $200 USD.


Q: What should I expect with a session from Jenny?

A: Jenny will either Skype, send you a Zoom link, or call you at the time specified when you booked an appointment. She will ask you several questions before working on you energetically. These questions are geared towards finding the right energy and/or message for the betterment of the healing. (See question about length of session.)


Q: Do I need to do anything before, during or after the healing?

A: No, you do not have to do anything. In fact, your belief in energy work is not even required. You should just try and relax.


Q: How long is the healing session?

A: The session is booked for one hour, however, this is mainly to allow enough time for Jenny to understand your condition. So be sure to set aside this time, but be aware it won’t be an hour of non-stop energy healing, but rather a place-holder to discuss your issues in addition to the energy work.


Q: Can Jenny heal any ailment?

A: No. There are situations where she just can’t help you. If you do not have a good result during your first session, a second session is not recommended. Jenny feels strongly that if she doesn’t make a difference in a short amount of time, she will not continue taking money for sessions – no matter how much a person wants another session. She adheres to a (self-imposed), very strict code of ethics.


Q: Will Jenny refund me if she doesn’t “heal” me?

A: No, the only exceptions are cancelations within 24 hours before your appointment. As stated above, she cannot heal/help everyone, but her time and energy are still set aside for a session.

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