Pretty Firefly

Pretty Firefly

I “channeled” this last night when I saw one single firefly. I feel it’s for all my introverted friends out there (like me), or for those suffering from anxiety, or any other issue. (Men, you can replace the pretty with handsome if you like lol)! I hope it lifts you and gives you hope or understanding that we are all alike in many, many ways. And there should be no pressure placed upon you in terms of being your full potential. ❤ You ARE light whether you see it or not- and your time to shine is not an added responsibility but a divine calculation between the Universe and you.

Pretty Firefly

Where did you go, pretty firefly?

Others can still see light under frayed wings, but you cannot. You refuse to look behind you to acknowledge a thing. All you want is quiet and peace but inside creates so much noise.

You’re supported by the breath of the earth yet you remain on the ground looking for bugs just like you, but you’ve yet to find them. They’re all in the trees and you can’t reach as high. Rather, you’re scared to.

“What if I die? What if I am harmed? What if the insects devour me? What if I’m alone? Why am I alone already?” This is the song of her. And it hurts to sing it. “Why won’t nature finally treat me right?”

Adult Firefly – Photuris lucicrescens
She’s not without power you know. Nor devoid of joy. She’s just keeping the power to herself in her apprehension to go beyond what she knows. She’ll come out over the grass only to retreat after a while. She doesn’t want to be seen but needs to be.

And she is and that scares her too. “How dare you look at me while in frazzled shell. Come back, come back when I can prepare for your arrival.” But she won’t answer even the wind should it come knocking.

Complex, pretty firefly, you don’t even understand yourself. You understand everyone except you. How nice to be so sweet, how sweet to be so nice,- to everyone but you. Their weight keeps you down too but you like it that way. Most of the time.

Your prayers ask for you but your actions are for them and you like it that way too. Most of the time. Oh but she looks for the day someone says how are you and means it. On that day though she will always be fine and not in need of anything. It’s the question that makes her feel whole.

“Yes I am okay,” says pretty firefly. “What ever would you need to wonder why? I can move and flutter and lighten the air as I please. I just don’t – please. Not now. Not yet. But one day. And it will be divine.”

“When I push off the pebbles that I placed on me. When I move the focus of the forest and see it as a path. Not an obstacle. When I let moonlight bathe me and let it really see me. When I’m done sitting in a leaf of being afraid. When I’m ready to be pretty firefly again.”

© 2021 Jenny “Satori” Davis