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Q: What should I expect when ordering my custom video?

A: After making a payment, Jenny will email you within 48 hours to ask for specifics regarding your custom request. You should reply back with your needs. (Do make sure to check spam folders and expect the email to come to the email address that you use for Paypal – or the one you included if you paid via credit card.)


Q: How long will it take to get my video and how do I get access to it?

A: It can take up to a week for the video to be created. Jenny needs time to produce not only the energy, but also the entire creation of it. You will be given a private link (via YouTube) once your custom order is available.


Q: Can I ask for anything in a custom video? And can I ask for more than one thing?

A: It is with Jenny’s own discernment and discretion that she accepts your request. In the event that she will not, or feels she cannot fulfill your order, you will be refunded promptly. There are situations where she just can’t help you. Jenny feels strongly about adhering to a (self-imposed), very strict code of ethics. You can ask for no more than two (2) issues per video.

Q: Will Jenny refund me if the video doesn’t “work” or “heal” me?

A: In short, no. She cannot heal/help everyone, but her time and energy are still set aside. Jenny will make every effort to create an effective, custom video, however.