Learn to Harness Energy

Learn to Harness Energy

If you haven’t quite been able to understand energy, this course might be just the thing.

Jenny has combined all her experiences in this 6 part course to show you an easy to follow way to perceive, harness and apply energy.

A little about Jenny Satori Davis:

Born a Shaman, as a young child, Jenny saw and felt things that were not of this plane, and always embraced them. Her connection to nature was always there, as was her love and compassion for all living things. As a young girl, she healed animals and talked to the dead. It wasn’t until many years later that she found out that this was unique- in that not everyone saw Spirit and worked with Energy.

Now, Jenny would like to pass her wisdom onto you.

Jenny is undogmatic in that she doesn’t teach like any other.

She speaks and teaches while guided by her helping Spirits.

Her raw, honest style is what makes it so special and helpful.

This is not your Grandmother’s way of teaching!

Whether you’re a beginner or a “master,” there’s a piece of the puzzle for you.

(Watch anytime, at your own pace as the sessions are pre-recorded).

The best part? This course is OFFERED BY DONATION ONLY!

Just put into the donation box what you can afford.

I have been healing and working with energy for decades and spreading the word about how everyone can harness the beautiful, universal energy that is all around us. Learn how I do it in this class.

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