I currently offer readings via Skype or telephone as well as in person, email, or chat.
I also offer Rune readings. To find out more about them click here.

I am generally available for readings between 8PM and Midnight EST, Monday-Sunday,
I will make exceptions on occasion.

What to expect:

I believe in compassion and non-judgment, however I will convey a truthful message, directly from Spirit.
I try to go beyond just a reading by giving you the intuitive messages that are most important for me to convey to you at that time. These messages are relayed to better assist you in dealing with the current issues at hand. Again, I consider myself an instrument, meaning I will pass on messages that feel relevant for your life and/or situation.

I will never share your contact information nor any of your information with anyone.
All readings and correspondences are strictly confidential.

What’s on offer:
1 Question Email Readings
Rune Readings
Energetic Readings
And, of course, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Guidance, and Healing
(please see my other pages for more information on some of the above mentioned service)

Please go to my Contact Page to set up an appointment.

*As of 2014, all services I offer are by donation only. It has come to my heart that too many people are abusing the privilege of the beauty of spirituality, and until one day, this is rectified in a non-judgmental, non-controlling way, I cannot, in good conscience, charge money. I believe in the exchange of money for services, and am in no way against those who do, however, for me, with numbers risings of those choosing to become “psychic” to earn a buck, I choose to not take part.


*Please note my services are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.
I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or law expert.
I am not responsible for any actions you take based on my readings.
By contacting me, you agree to this disclaimer.

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