It has come to my heart that not everyone can afford healing services. And with the spread of ineffective healers sprouting up and taking advantage of beautiful souls in need of help, I have decided to offer energy healing on a donation only basis. Please see this page for details.

In 2014, I removed all services from this website because I saw a lot of fraudulence in the spiritual industry. It wounded my heart and left me feeling like I did not want to associate with anything relating to these things. However, in 2020, I realized, the best way to “fight” this plague was to be a good example out there. So, I started offering paid healings again. The problem with that was regardless of the case, I felt compelled and somewhat trapped in that Spirit had very little to say in terms of who I could help- besides the outcome of course. This felt inauthentic and taxing, and now I feel happy in my choice to only receive requests.

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