I am a certified Life Coach and LOA coach.

I have enjoyed helping many people embrace their own power and embark on a new, joyous chapter.

From career paths to spiritual growth, I am able to pinpoint what matters, and offer suggestions on how best to start!

Generally, more than one session is required to truly get things into motion, however, depending on the situation, just 60 minutes can be more than effective.

*As of 2014, all services I offer are by donation only. It has come to my heart that too many people are abusing the privilege of the beauty of spirituality, and until one day, this is rectified in a non-judgmental, non-controlling way, I cannot, in good conscience, charge money. I believe in the exchange of money for services, and am in no way against those who do, however, for me, with numbers risings of those choosing to become “psychic” or “spiritual counselors/healers” to earn a buck, I choose to not take part.

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