Below are some of the lovely comments/testimonials from people I’ve had the pleasure to share energy with.

I had a runes readings with Jenny, I must say she was amazingly accurate beyond belief.

Beautiful Woman!
thank you


i just want to tell everyone that i had a reading from Jenny..she hit everything to a tee..she is one of the best..i would tell everyone to get a reading from follow chris on blog talk.. together they are nothing but great..the best around..she helped me in more ways then even she would ever and blessings to her

Sandy S Jones

Thank you for my runes reading. I really thought it was good and very interesting. Thanks again!!!!!!!


I LOVE your readings….You have such a loving way of delivering your messages!!! Bless you, Joyous

Joyous Heart

Jenny is amazing in every aspect of her gifts… only naming one of many im referring to the rune reading she did for me tonight… so accurate… the topic of my energy was relationships… she drew 3 runes (past, present and future) the past reading was awesome and right on target… it hit a rather personal and private part of my heart that only i knew.. the present was right on target as well so i can only hope for the future with hope, love and joy…. thank you Jenny… you are amazing… you read from the heart with a soul full of love and i for one was and am honored for such a beautiful reading xoxoxoxox

Cathie Bradshaw

Jenny gave me 2 different Runes readings and they were different however they both fit she is great you need to have a reading from her.


Thanks Jen, you totally rock. You read me and gave an identical reading to one I had earlier that day which you could not have know about at all. You are very gifted and have a great method of delivering messages from the spirit world. Keep up the good work.


Dear friend Jenny……wanted to let you know how much appreciate your loving energy and your insights.The runes reading that you gave me was overflowing with the energy of the rose quartz and felt like a warm hug from those Goddesses.Thank you.


Thank you for doing your beautiful and accurate rune readings on my show! The feedback I get when you are a guest on my show is amazing and I wanted to show my appreciation! Thank you for the reading also – once again it was right on the money!


Hi Jenny, just wanted to drop by and say hi, your site looks awesome! So much to look at! Yes, I had a color reading and it was amazing, described me pretty spot on. Would love to have a rune reading hopefully soon! Take care Jenny, you are a sweet lady!

Judy M

Hello wanted to say thank you for taking time with people like me …. you are a very wonderful person

♥♥If kisses were water, I will give you the seas
If hugs were leaves, I will give the forest.
If friendship was life, I will give you mine.
Quite simply, I love you as a friend .


You are amazing.

Master T

this is an awsome site! Lili

Lili Believes

<3 ya jen!


Thank you, Jenny, for the rune reading you did for me on Curious Times a few nights ago. It was very interesting and insightful. :)

Love and light,


I had a reading with Jenny and not only was she accurate in her insights she also helped pinpointed and clear out some really bad situations that I had trouble with for most of my life. She is gentle yet she went strong with her healing. Thank you Jenny you are very gifted.


Jenny is one of the best people I know. Not only is she good at what she does she is humble. There isn’t a lot of pretentious commentary, she gets to the point and actually helps you solve your issues!

Thank you, Jen. With all love, Katherine


I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with you in person. Your strengths are many but in my case you have brought life to an otherwise dead end or what I thought was a dead end situation. You made me realize I was viewing things from a very dark place and you helped me deprogram. I always walk away from our sessions wondering ‘how did she know’? I guess it’s just something you do. Thank you very much.

Stephen Zambaras


Michael Richard

Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting . All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. by James Thurber. akdeeaeddfadegae


What a wonderful soul Jenny is. Always so knowledgable and helpful. She is a gem.

Lorna Butterfield

Incredibly accurate, it is not natural it is supernatural. What a great experience thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.


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